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Online Counselling Is What You Need

At Bright Vista Counselling Service (BVC) we understand that seeking help with your mental health and wellbeing issues is a very private matter. We also understand that it is difficult for clients to find a service and gain an appointment that is convenient and fits with their busy schedules. Research and personal experiences show that online counselling services do help people. At BVC we offer a range of online services accessible via smartphone, or internet connected device, privately where it’s comfortable for you.

Utilising this kind of support with a registered counsellor is a powerful and effective option for a wide variety of mental health and everyday life challenges. Working with a registered counsellor can help reduce problems associated with stress, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, behavioural concerns, and more. A qualified & experienced counsellor can assist people struggling with relationship problems, either individually or through engaging couples’ sessions. Behavioural issues, anger awareness or other court appointed services can also be delivered in an online format with supporting material provided via email.

Counsellors at BVC Service are degree qualified and registered with the Australian Counselling Association.

There are many counselling methods offered and all are effective evidence-based solutions comprising tips, tools and strategies you can use in your everyday life. All our services build skills session to session, are tailored to fit your needs and assist you in achieving your counselling goals. Your progress is tracked with services modified and adjusted as you progress in therapy.

Counselling That Fits Your Circumstances

There are many different types of therapy that can help you deal with what is of concern for you and your life now, offered at a time and location best suited for you, unlike most traditional therapy options. There are no problems with managing the commute, finding parking or waiting-room chit chat. Online counselling is delivered at a time that works for you and your schedule, privately where it’s comfortable for you.

Our experienced counsellors help people with the effects of mental health and wellness concerns, deal with marriage and relationship issues, or face other life challenges.

For people suffering with the day-to-day accumulation of stressors, feelings of anxiety or depressed mood, speaking with a counsellor via an online platform can help the individual recover, reconnect to their own inner resources, regain their energy, and move forward in life in a meaningful way.

Couples can access counselling via online therapy platform, privately, comfortably in your own space to help couples with marriage, trust, or other relationship concerns.

We even have counselling programs designed for teens and adolescents for helping with transitional issues in school, university or vocational worries or dealing with any number of choices and changes teens and adolescents face daily.

Online therapy is an alternative form of face-to-face therapy that allows a therapist to communicate with you remotely through the Internet (vs. in-office sessions). With BVC’s integrated service platform, you can communicate with your counsellor online using a computer, tablet, smartphone, and any other device securely connected to the internet.

BVC Service Online Counselling Platform Benefits

Exchanging messages with your counsellor directly.

Video conferencing with your counsellor via ZOOM.

Speaking over the phone (or sending a text message) directly with your counsellor.

Online Psychotherapy via ZOOM.

Managing your session time quickly and easily via BVC website.

Electronic invoicing and secure payment process.

Online counselling (also known as e-therapy, internet psychtherapy or distance therapy) with a professional counsellor is becoming quite popular as of late, and for a good reason as we all deal with the restrictions and stressors associated with the covid-19 pandemic.

Understanding Online Counselling at BVC Service

One of the biggest differences and benefits is that online counselling is so accessible and easy to use with the internet! This makes communication with the counsellor possible from anywhere, and gets you the help you need via text, phone, or video as long as you have an internet connection.

No Location or Transportation Issues To Contend With

With a growing number of people living away from large cities (in rural areas that typically have fewer counsellors available) BVC Service can provide a very viable solution. Online counselling sessions here are a useful tool for people who are not in a geographical location with an available service. Online therapy is also an effective solution for people who do not have reliable transportation needed for in-person therapy appointments, which is why more and more people are seeing the benefits of using our platform to get the assistance they need, privately at a time that works and, in a space that is comfortable for them.

Comfortable for People Who Have Trouble Saying What Their Issue is Face-to-Face

Some people can find it difficult to speak or may have trouble talking with strangers face-to-face. The experience and ease of online counselling can go a long way to removing this worry. Online counselling or phone counselling in a place that is comfortable for you allows you to not worry about going to visit a therapist’s office, and can be of help for anyone with concerns about being seen or having to speak to a receptionist prior to or at the end of a counselling session. Starting counselling with this level of comfort will assist with the flow of the counselling process and generally will help to remove worries and stressors about seeking help with your mental health and wellbeing.

Confidential Private Counselling

There's less of a risk of bumping into someone you know or having someone see you pull into the therapist's office for a scheduled in-person counselling appointment. Despite some people having concerns and reservations about online counselling this is another benefit of privacy. Expressing and being in touch with emotions can be a concern for some people. Counselling clients often feel worried about being see when they are upset and emotional either at the start of counselling or after the session. This pressure of needing to avoid emotional upset in public, or pull themselves together, or put on a brave face is something that need not be an issue when participating in online counselling. Further getting in touch with your emotional self when you are in a safe comfortable place for a period of time without having to worry may actually be a quite beneficial part of the online counselling process.

Lower Costs Counselling Option

Online counselling as opposed to more traditional bricks and mortar face-to-face therapy typically costs less because many counsellors work from their home practice and don't have common expenses like a need for a separate office or receptionist, etc. These added expenses for a therapist generally increase their overhead, so they end up charging higher prices for therapy sessions with their clients. On the other hand, a counsellor working on the internet can keep their costs low, and as a result, focus on helping their clients with important life concerns and other mental health and wellbeing health-concerns.

Accessible Counselling for People on the NDIS

People with mobility issues or other illnesses may find the traveling, traffic and parking issues associated with attending a therapist's office to be a barrier to treatment. However, working with an online counsellor can completely remove the need for in-office therapy sessions. An increasing number of people appreciate this feature associated with technology-based counselling. These modalities allow everyone to find available counsellors to work with. At BVC Service we will discuss your counselling goals with you and together determine how to best meet your needs. Our approach to counselling is that it is must work for you and that you will see the results in your daily life.

Online Counselling That Works for Your Schedule

It can be a little difficult for traditional in-office therapy to fit into your schedule if you have a busy life. A stressed-out teenager who has a job on the side may find it difficult to be present for in-office therapy visits. However, when working with a counsellor online, that's a problem that can be avoided entirely. You have the freedom to text your counselling from wherever, and whenever you need to.

Ongoing Support Between Sessions

The effectiveness and support experienced during online counselling sessions need not be limited to just the counselling hour. Another service that BVC offers is 15-minute phone-based check in between sessions at no charge to the client. This process is useful for clients who feel they may be veering off track or not remembering the home practice exercise clearly. It is with this in mind that BVC offers a few minutes of extra engagement from the counsellor over the phone. This can be very supportive and helpful for clients between sessions.

Call Me Directly to Discuss Your Needs

My name is Bradley Sprigg, I am the owner and proprietor of Bright Vista Counselling and I encourage you to contact me directly on 0431 212 099 to discuss how online counselling could be of benefit to you and your life now.

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