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My Philosophy for Counselling.

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Counselling and psychotherapy simply put are about the person, not the problem or the labels they have collected or been presented with throughout their life.

It is an exercise in building trust and understanding between client and counsellor a shared belief that change is possible now.

My role is work along side the client, understand their need, and provide effective and proven solutions that they can use every day.

My philosophy is that we all come well equipped with everything we need to live a life aligned to our own personal values that is challenging, rewarding and fulfilling.

Sometimes however, there will be challenges that feel beyond us. It is these times we could use a little more support, or the perspective of another person to allow us to get back on track with who and what is important in our lives now and for the future.

I firmly believe that anyone seeking support or assistance to help them change and grow should be able to receive what works for them, for as long as they need it, without judgement or the encumbrance of a label, shame or social stigma.

Staying connected and grounded with who and what is important in life remains an on-going challenge as I manage my busy life. I find I get a lot of enjoyment from the physical work of maintain my garden and watching it change with the seasons as it provides me and my family with flowers, fragrance and fruit year-round. It is the simple pleasure of making my choices; good coffee, some music, a run every now and then and unstructured time that keep me on track and provide me with perspective.

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