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Be Self-aware Be Supportive Be Observant Be Kind

Please read our Bright Vista Counselling measures regarding client and practitioner well-being during the COVID-19 crisis.

Managing During the Covid-19 Crisis

All registered Counsellors are working with their professional associations and clients using professional judgement to assess risk and deliver appropriate counselling during times of uncertainty.

At Bright Vista Counselling we are using the latest relevant guidance, values and principles set out in professional standards and the codes of conduct for the profession. Appropriate Cleanliness and Hygiene: Between counselling sessions and client appointments, our cleaning procedure is: Spraying door handles and room surfaces with anti-bacterial spray, wiping the surfaces, having hand sanitizer available to clients and practitioner at reception on the way in and out and in the practice room on the client coffee table. Our rubbish bins at the practice have closed lids and our rubbish is disposed daily at an appropriate designated site at the Hobson’s Bay Business Centre building, as per usual.

Client Co-operation:

Please DO NOT attend your appointment if you have any of the symptoms of cold or flu

or have travelled overseas within the last 2 weeks.

Hand sanitise your hands upon arrival and departure.

Place any rubbish in appropriate bins.

You WILL NOT be charged if you need to cancel an appointment at short notice during this period due to sickness.

Alternatives to Face to Face Counselling At Bright Vista Counselling face to face counselling will still be available as the preferred offering however, we are offering alternatives.

Phone sessions between clients and counsellors can be organised in advance for those that cannot make it in due to social-distancing, self-isolation or other imposed restrictions.

During this period Bright Vista Counselling will also be offering SKYPE sessions for clients as a viable option for meeting their counselling needs.

SKYPE or phone sessions will be offered for those individual counselling clients who are unsure about venturing out in public to keep their appointments.

Clients engaged in counselling programs as a requirement of the Courts can still meet their obligation either with face to face counselling if they remain well, or with SKYPE sessions.

Likewise, face to face sessions or SKYPE sessions will be available for those clients engaged in Family Counselling or Couples Counselling.

Recognising Your Capacities and Mental Health Needs:

Understand that you may be affected by the current crisis in a number of subtle ways through the pressure of the news cycle, work pressures, financial worries, day to day stress & worry. You may notice your mood, loss of desire or appetite, trouble sleeping, difficulty concentrating, or waking up feeling like you have not rested. These are all indicators of an accumulation of stress. It is important to take steps to manage this for yourself in whatever way works for you. Reconnecting to your mindfulness practice, connecting mindfully with your breathing (10 breaths tool), reconnecting with the present moment using your five senses (5 things I can do with my 5 senses tool), or even taking a few minutes to go outside in an open space to feel the sun, see the sky and notice the breeze, can all help you reconnect to your own self.

Maintaining a connection to and managing your mental health and wellbeing is vital during times of uncertainty. Research into earlier crisis situations reveals that recovery from illness (like the flu) improved for those people who were aware of their own physical and psychological requirements and had resources available for them to utilise. Likewise, remaining connected in some way to their community, hobbies and interests was important to bolster mental wellbeing and instil a sense of companionship and hope for the future.

Quality Information:

It is vital that during this rapidly evolving situation, everyone utilise accurate information and follow national public health directions and guidance.

As a tip, please save the following numbers in your phone so they are readily available if needed, if you are displaying symptoms or feeling unwell:

1800 020 080, COVID-19 Info line.

1800 022 222 Aust Government Health Direct.

1300 60 60 24 Health Line Victoria.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time.

Care for Others and Care for Self:

Please consider your mental health and remember that it’s OK to feel anxious with everything going on. In these times it is best to try and focus on the things you can control, such as our behaviour towards each other and how you look after yourself and those dear to you.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time.

Kind Regards

Brad Sprigg

Proprietor Bright Vista Counselling Service.

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