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Boost your mood, focus on your wellbeing this spring.

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

A professional counsellor maybe of assistance to support or encourage you as you make changes in your life.

There is a lot of energy around as the season changes from winter to spring.

You can see it all around you, just notice what the trees are doing, they are full of new energy and covered in new green shoots and blossom.

The sun is sending us a message too, the mornings in springtime are crisp and clear, and the days a little warmer and longer. There is a message in the season; it is to shake off winter and embrace the new season and all its potential.

Spring is a great time to notice what is going on with you, what are you doing, where is life taking you, is this what you wanted, is it the direction you wanted to go?

Maybe its time to refocus your energy, notice your thoughts and feeling and make a different choice.

What can you do differently today to connect with your potential and awaken your springtime energy?

I’ve listed 6 thought provokers to start you off;

1. Find some quiet time.

Plan a few minutes to take some alone time to take stock and notice what clutter you have accumulated in your heart and mind over winter. Reflect for a few minutes as you walk or sit quietly of what you could let go of or sweep away today to lighten and brighten your outlook.

2. Start a journal.

Remember when we use to write things down that weren’t lists? Capture a thought, notice it, jot it down, reflect on it and notice the feeling there and write it down. This simple process will help to provide a new perspective some clarity and allow a little space between you and your thoughts and feelings.

3. Let it Go.

What have you been holding on to over winter? What has been bothering you leaving you tense? It may be time to let it go. Take a breath, feel the tension and notice where in your body it is and then if you can release it. On your next out breath let the tension go with your breath. Reclaim your emotional energy.

4. A little self-compassion.

Your mind probably has some well-worn automatic thoughts that it often uses to remind you of when you’re not feeling too great, thoughts and lables about things you're not great at.

What about instead of playing this game with your mind over and over without question, you were just to notice what your mind was doing and changed direction to focus on you. Try this simple affirmation; May I feel connected and calm... May I accept myself just as I am... May I be happy...

You may!

5. Phone a friend.

If you've come this far you've noticed there is time for some simple things. When was the last time you caught up with a friend? Is there someone that springs to mind that you could connect with this week. No big expectation just a catch up, whatever that might look like for you and your friend. Take a chance and share some time with another person and see how they are travelling this spring.

6. Do it again.

If you have managed to do any of these things, then you can do it again. See if you can notice what it is like to plan these things for your self again. You find time for so much in your week, see if you can make a little room for you and your wellbeing not just for springtime but any time.

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