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Are you ready to call yourself a non-smoker?

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

So, you made the change and stopped the smokes. Great work!

Have you noticed the difference in how you are, how you work and how you socialise? All these areas of your life are changing. You are changing, you are a non-smoker.

A non-smoker is someone who has no real use for cigarettes in their life.

If you’ve been quit for a few weeks, you’ve no-doubt battled some strong cravings and some tough situations – nice work!

You may have noticed that you’re:

  1. thinking less about smoking

  2. getting fewer strong cravings

  3. starting to feel more confident to get by in tricky situations

This is a great sign! If you can name it – “I’m a non-smoker” – you’re more likely to stay quit.

Tips to help this along:

Start to name it: "I'm a non-smoker", "I no longer smoke".

Enjoy the good things about quitting: more money, more control, more time.

If you feel something's missing, challenge your thinking about how good a “friend” the cigarette was (most people find that the cigarette was quite a backstabber).

Re-focus your attention on who and what is important to your life now you are a non-smoker and start taking small steps in engaging in those things. Revive a hobby or start something new: a new language, musical instrument, sport, blog, backyard project or craft.

Set up an emergency stress plan for when you need some support e.g. to call a friend or call Quitline

If you feel like smoking, call it a memory or just a thought rather than a craving.

Take time for you, make a plan for your ongoing success and if you need extra help reach out.

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