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Accessing counselling services during covid-19 crisis.

Bright Vista Counselling (BVC) will be providing appropriate counselling services, either by phone and online services 6 days as we continue to be affected by the covid-19 crisis. We have broaden our offer to include these electronic service and continue to a flexible and broad appointment calendar to cater to client’s schedules and when needed, same day appointments (still currently available).

On checking through my blogs it seems I just finished writing about the relaxing of restrictions and how that was. Well, now we know it was all too brief, and now we find ourselves in lock-down again and maybe facing stage four restriction (what ever they will be) in the near future.

Our operating guidelines have been modified to include enhanced cleansing and cleaning regime to protect everyone’s health and safety during this time. We are closely following and adhering to the latest advice being given by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC). The AHPPC is the key decision-making body for health emergencies and is chaired by Australia’s Chief Medical Officer. For the most current “official” information please follow the link

The simple hygiene and clinical practice changes will allow us to continue providing services whilst also looking after everyone’s health and safety.

Staying current and up-to-date with the latest professional advice and government guidelines and our own personal awareness ensures that we can continue to provide counselling services to our community while we all are impacted by COVID-19.

Online and phone counselling options: BVC is offering a range of services online via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and telephone. These online services are a viable alternative to face-to-face counselling and is an effective alternative to managing your mental health during the covid-19 crisis.

BVC continues to provide ongoing support and information to clients during the crisis via, online blog posts, email campaigns and 15-minute phone counselling call back support* to assist with overcoming the specific challenges posed by COVID-19.

Ongoing counselling services include tips, tools and strategies:

Stress, anxiety and panic management.

Relationship and family concerns that emerge from being confined to the home environment, including conflict resolution.

Targeted support for those facing employment and financial uncertainties.

Managing pre-existing issues (psychological, physical, social) that may be exacerbated during period of increased stress and anxiety.

Helping households to be proactive in managing periods of isolation, including strategies to utilise this time in productive and meaningful ways.

The range of services outlined above is available for new and existing clients.

For more information ring me 0431212099 or book directly on

*Phone counselling call backs are conducted between sessions or within 24 hours. There is no charge for this service for existing clients.

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